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Hello, my name is Kyle Hunter, a recent UCSC graduate with a degree in Business Management Economics. In the gem and mineral world, I am known as the Benitoite Kid. I first went mining for Benitoite at the age of 13 and since have been devoted to not only collecting but obtaining as much of this mineral as possible. In addition to Benitoite, I also collect other gems and minerals such as Aquamarine, Red Beryl, and Tourmaline. Each gem and mineral will vary significantly in price depending on size, shape and clarity. I strive to provide my customers with the best prices and customer service possible, that being said, if you do not find the gem(s) or mineral(s) you are looking for, do not hesitate to call or email, as I am sure I can acquire the specimen(s).

I offer many unique mineral specimens ranging from Thumbnails to Cabinet Specimens. (MINERAL SPECIMENS) The prices vary significantly depending on the piece, however I strive to offer the best prices I can. Cabochons and Gemstones are just one other field that I have started to get into. I have many faceted gemstones ranging in all different sizes, shapes, and clarity. (GEMSTONES) If its not on my website, I am sure that I have it in stock, or can get what you are looking for. Feel free to give me a text, call, or email as I would be more than happy to give you one on one help in tracking down the perfect piece for your collection. (CONTACT)